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Football v. Romance–AGAIN!

This weekend in my house it’s all football, all the time.

Even when I duck my head to read, I’ll get a prompt, “Did you see that? Aren’t you watching? Put down that book–” Some football fans can be so pushy.

But in truth,

I love football–almost as much as I love a good romance novel. So this weekend is a competition. It’s a big football weekend with the AFC championships and the battle between the golliath quarterbacks, the handsome Tom terrific Brady and the enigmatic Peyton adorable Manning.

I love Tom’s passionately competitive demeanor and that cute dimple. But who doesn’t love Manning’s understated cool and that sense of humor that comes across in all those fun commercials? This doesn’t even count all their outstanding achievements as football players–you know, all those passes and touchdowns and wins and MVP awards and Super Bowl rings–that stuff.

I have to admit, in the contest of which quarterback I like best, for any reason, I have to go with Tom Brady. After all, I live in New England and must bend to the winds of cherished local icons.

But in the contest of whether I like watching football v. reading a romance novel, it’s a much closer call

and the wind can blow either way. This weekend, I’ll be reading today and watching tomorrow, swaying back and forth between my beloved pass-times. Does this make me wishy-washy?

Not if I read a romance about a football player. Here’s one by a great author in case you have a similar dilemma between football and romance novels.

Griff Montgomery: Quarterback (First & Ten Series) by Jean Joachim

Rated 4.4 Stars by 55 Amazon Reviewers

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