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Read a Book: It Could Save Your Brain!

That’s right, get your health tips right here from Stephanie Queen! Myren, my chauffeur, notwithstanding*, I’ve made it my business to bone-up on the latest and greatest cures for old age. [*associating with difficult people is generally not a good idea, but I find that employing the curmudgeon is doing a good deed and helpful to my karma.] [Having good karma is another well-known tip for living long and prospering.] SQ’s Health Tip: Read a Book

According to a article, “A recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry associated activities like reading books… with a lower risk of dementia in older adults.”

In fact, if you’re reading this post right now, you’re probably adding seconds, if not minutes to your brain’s life.

Now you may think I’m biased, being a writer of books and all, but JAMA Psychiatry is real. I had nothing to do with that study, honest to goodness pinky swear. The study was in China for Pete’s sake. You think I’d go to China to bribe a researcher influence a study? I don’t even know Dr. Lee. [Myren is nodding in agreement. He says if I were going to bribe anyone, it would be right here in the U.S.A. because he wouldn’t in a million years drive me to China. He’s not that demented. Not yet–he doesn’t read enough books so the jury’s out on his future brain power.]

Dr. Lee’s article says: “Meaning:  Active participation in intellectual activities, even in late life, might help prevent dementia in older adults.”

So now you’re probably going to quibble about the meaning of the meaning, like if reading one of my books actually qualifies as an intellectual activity. But I assure you, it takes some brain power and real cogitation to decipher all those words on a page–or the electronic screen of an reader. Some of the words I use have three or more syllables!

Even the title of my series, Beachcomber Investigations, is chock-full of multi-syllable words.

Oh, and there’s one other reason to read my books that will prove you’re a smart cookie.

Beachcomber Investigations 4 Book Set, normally $5.99 for 4 books and 2 bonus novellas, is now ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME for $.99!

Yes, you would be very smart to snatch that up right now and give your brain a pat on the back!

Let me know if you like the set–preferably in a review–but seriously, us writers love to hear from readers! [Otherwise, the only one I’d have to listen to is Myren! And we wouldn’t want that, would we?]

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