Small Town Glamour Girl Christmas

By Stephanie Queen


A Small Town Series Romance

Julie loves her small town life. She loves her family run Inn. This much she is sure about–especially after her misadventure as a big city big glamour model parading as an Audrey Hepburn look-alike a few years back.
But what she’s not sure about is if she really loves her boyfriend Neil. Especially after Jack returns to town for the big Christmas celebration.
Julie and Jack had a special connection a long time ago as kids, but does he remember that time–does he even remember her? They were young and sheltered then. Now that they’re all grown up, Julie is all too aware that Jack is a billionaire city boy from London. The magic and charm of the small town Christmas rekindles the connection, but Julie is uncertain if she and her small town life would ever be enough for Jack.
What chance does a small town glamour girl have at a romance with a big city billionaire boy?

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