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The Beachcombers

Book One

A romantic thriller

Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise never wanted a partner, but he owed the governor. Working alongside gorgeous Scotland Yard detective Shana George to find a missing heiress would either drive him crazy--or get someone killed....

Before disappearing, the beautiful heiress entered a surfing competition on Martha's Vineyard. Dane and Shana go undercover in the competition to track her down, but they find far more than they expected. The shady operation is backed by international players in the human trafficking trade.
And now the human traffickers have their sights on Shana.

Dane is determined not to lose another woman on his watch, but can he stop himself from losing his heart and soul to Shana George?

What reviewer are saying about THE BEACHCOMBERS:

"Beachcombers is fast past and an easy and enjoyable read... filled with plenty of sexual tension and a creepy bad guy. Enjoyed and look forward to reading more from Ms. Queen."--Romantic Picks Reviews

"Living vicariously through heroes Dane Blaise and Shana George was an absolute blast... Filled with high action suspense set in a luscious backdrop of beaches and a Cape Cod village, the story grabs you fast and won’t let go"--Aaron Paul Lazar, USA Today Bestselling Author

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The Beachombers Book1 Cover - Author Stephanie Queen
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Beach Investigations book 2 Cover Author Stephanie Queen
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Beachcomber Investigations

a Romantic Thriller - Book 2

Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise is desperate to recruit Shana George to partner with him, but he'd never let her know it.
She's too gorgeous, too smart and too much like him. But there's something indefinable about her that gets to him.
She has impressive skills and if he’s honest, she keeps him in his place. Most of all, Dane wants to keep Shana on the island
because he can't get past his insane longing for her.

With the lure of money and a laid-back lifestyle, Shana quit Scotland Yard to partner with Dane.
Let's face it, she made her choice with her gut--or more accurately her heart--rather than her brains. She and Dane may be good partners in crime-fighting, but they are all wrong for each other in every other way..
He's soulless and lost and likely has more emotional wounds from his past than the bullet and knife scars scorching his body can show.
But she's crazy. About him.

Headquartered in Dane's beach shack, Beachcomber Investigations specializes in impossible odds and last ditch efforts.
Their first assignment is to protect Dane's old special ops buddy, Acer from a sniper. They need to find whoever paid the sniper before he takes another shot and doesn't miss.
Dane and Shana need to be on top of their game to keep Acer alive, and not on top of each other.
But each of them is secretly worried whether it's possible to ignore their attraction-distraction,. And worried about what will happen if it’s not.

What readers are saying:
"I had to drink a lot of coffee to finish in one evening, I can't wait to get started on the next [book]. Stephanie Queen has captured my attention and won't let go!"--Linda Thompson, Host of TheAuthorsShow

"I can't wait to read more about Shana, Dane and Cap. This is one of the best books I have read in a very long time. Stephanie Queen keeps the reader enticed through the whole book!"--Amazon Reviewer

This is an ongoing romantic detective series, compared to the TV series Moonlighting for the chemistry between the PI partners. If you love intense action and sizzling sensual tension mixed with witty banter, this is your series!

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Beachcomber Baby

A romantic thriller - Book 3

Dark and dangerous Dane and shamelessly sexy Shana team up like oil & water on a mission to save a baby while they wage a personal war of love & hate between them.

Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise doesn’t like cases involving babies. In his experience, they always end bad. Really bad. When Father Donahue hands Shana a baby and the mission is to find the baby’s mother, the ex-Scotland Yard detective can’t resist taking the case. Shana convinces Dane to help her, but he’ll only go so far.


Once they discover the priest dragged them into the tip of an iceberg full of trouble with an ex-Russian KGB operative turned-criminal and his comrades involved in a baby farm, things look bad. Really bad.

To keep Dane on the mission, Shana will need to uncover the secret of his terrible past baby case. Can she convince him to put aside his fears to save this baby–and save their partnership too?


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Beachcomber Baby Book 3 Cover - Stephanie Queen Author
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Beach Wedding Cover Target - Stephanie Queen Author
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Beachcomber Wedding

A Romantic Thriller - Book 4


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Beachcomber Trouble

By Stephanie Queen


Beachcomber Trouble

Beachcomber Investigation series


Staying in shape was getting to be an ordeal—or so Dane’s right knee periodically reminded him. He looked ahead down the pristine length of State Beach, thought briefly about Jaws, and kept running. He had one and a half miles to go. Then he’d run the two miles back. It was May. Warm weather. No tourists yet clogging up the beach.

The mobile phone in the pocket of his cargo shorts vibrated against his right thigh. He didn’t stop running, but slowed enough to slip it out as it stopped buzzing and went to voice mail. He glanced at the caller ID.

He stopped short in the sand.

It wasn’t Shana. He recognized the number. A cold freeze went through him—the kind that slowed his heartbeat to calm him, the kind that demanded he slow the alarmed thoughts bursting in his head.

It was Oscar.

Or someone using Oscar’s phone. He remembered his old friend from his mercenary days. The only person outside his special ops team who’d saved his skin and who he trusted. He owed Oscar. And he’d been truly fond of the man. He clamped down on the surging adrenaline. Whoever called him on this line, Oscar or not, would know it was a call to action.

Beach Trouble Cover - Author Stephanie Queen
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Beach Heat Cover - Stephanie Queen Author
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Beachcomber Heat

Book 4

Beachcomber Investigations Series

Excerpt from Beachcomber Heat:

Dane watched Shana reach back with both hands and lift the heavy mane of hair off her neck, arching her breasts forward, exposing the glistening pale column of her throat. Her head was thrown back, supported by her long bare arms gleaming with a film of perspiration. He stared and held himself as still as a mountain—with an effort. He wished they were anywhere else on the planet besides Captain Colin Lynch’s office at State Police Headquarters on Martha’s Vineyard.

Cap—the name his inner circle gave him—cleared his throat. Dane turned to him.

“Get on with it—what’d you call us in for—an overdue parking ticket?” Dane said.

Cap raised a brow and said, “No, but I’ll be looking into that.” Cap shifted his gaze to Shana. Dane held his jealousy muscles in check.

Beachcomber Wedding

By Stephanie Queen


Beachcomber Wedding – Book 5

While Dane and Shana are hired to protect a bride from a Russian arms dealer, will the idea of wedding bells inspire romance between the private-eye partners?  Or will the notion of love and marriage scare them more than the threat of a bomb at the church?


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Beach Wedding Cover - Author Stephanie Queen
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Let it Snow - Book cover - Stephanie Queen Author
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Let It Snow

By Stephanie Queen


Let It Snow

a Beachcomber Investigations novella
An old friend sends a stranger to visit Dane to help wrestle him from his soul-crushing despair. His life of righting horrific wrongs has cost him a very high price, and worse, it cost someone he loved her life. But how can a stranger help when even Shana, his partner and lover., has failed. Can the stranger use a Christmas Eve snow storm to create the ultimate test for Dane & Shana?

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