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Knight & Day

a Black Knight Security romantic thriller

This was the assignment of a lifetime for Joe Knight—or it would have been if Ariana weren’t his partner…

Joe Knight couldn’t be more ready to step in and protect one of the most powerful and beloved world leaders from a real and verified threat to his life. But the real test for Joe will be whether he can keep his personal kryptonite—in the form of Ariana Day—from killing him in the process.
She had to be his partner on this assignment, the one woman he’d vowed never to lay eyes on again, let alone work with.

Knight & Day is the first in the Black Knight Security romantic thriller series. If you love danger and spice with your romance, step into the world of Joe and Ariana for an unforgettable ride.
(Warning: language and sex for a mature audience.)


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Already Gone

a Zero Go Team romantic thriller

***International Digital Award*** 

2nd Place Winner

If Dr. Vicky didn’t save the cartel leader’s lousy life, he’d promised to take her sister’s life in payment.
It was Zero Go Team member Roman Danski’s mission to escort Dr. Victoria White into Reynosa, protect her while she saved the notorious thug with her gift for healing and then get her back out. 

It would have been doable if the doc hadn’t been a luscious siren, the kind of woman he never could resist. Her sensual beauty was going to make a tough job impossible.

How could Roman stop the cartel boss from keeping her if he couldn’t resist her himself?

What Readers Are Saying:
*"Loved this book! This is fast paced romantic suspense at its best. I loved the characters and found myself rooting for them."--Goodreads Reviewer
*"the book starts out with action almost immediately. Now to me, that's a great way to start a book...Their attraction towards each other is swift and combustive...That unexpected twist towards the end...I hope this author continues in this series because I did enjoy this quick, fully packed book"--Goodreads Review

Immerse yourself in the romance and adventure of this first story of many more to come in the Zero Go Team romantic thriller series by USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Queen
(Warning: language and sex for a mature audience)

Coming soon... 


Never Gone

Zero Go Team romantic thriller

Joe is a regular guy from Boston who runs a coffee shop--except when he's called on by the Zero Go Team.


Then he goes into action--the kind where someone might get killed. When he's sent to protect a sexy Hollywood costume designer, the last thing he expects is a crazy attraction that's anything but regular.


The thing is, she's a client and she's in danger and it's his job to protect her. End of story. But that's not what happens... 


What readers are saying: 

"As expected from Ms. Queen, this story is really well written, sexy, spicy, intriguing, and original. The characters pulled me into the story, and I became completely invested in them and their story- devouring every word! I loved meeting Joe and Mae- and I can’t wait for more."--Angela Hayes


"Mary Ann Monday or "Mae" as she is called is one interesting character. She was NOTHING like I'd been expecting but I quickly fell in love with how real she was."--Goodreads Reviewer

Coming soon...

Scotland Yard Exchange Series Boxed Set

Three Novels of Romance and Intrigue

Escape to the intriguing and charming world in Queen’s Beacon Hill where politics, crime, action and fun mix with the clash between Boston and London’s law enforcement with three full novels:

Between a Rock and a Mad Woman – the prequel
“I was riveted! The twists, turns, surprises & the love story that resulted were outstanding and I can’t wait to read more”–

Mad Madeline and Peter John Douglas battle for governor and set the stage on Beacon Hill for the Scotland Yard Exchange Program involving all the governor’s special men–and women–in solving special crimes.

The Throwbacks – Book 1
“The Throwbacks is a stellar not-to-be-missed standout!”- Romantic Times Book Review

David Young makes his mark in Boston after being exiled from Scotland Yard, but not before getting side-tracked by the delightful and surprisingly helpful bombshell decorator Grace Rogers.

The Hot Shots – Book 2
“fast-paced, funny and packed with adventure”–Romantic Times Book Review

On the run from a terrorist out for revenge, Chauncey Miller ends up in Boston from the Yard to try and stay alive, but ends up protecting the hot shot pixie Sophia Alano, taking her on the run with him back to London.

Available on: 

Amazon B&N | KOBO | Apple

SYEP Box Cover Resized.png

The Romantics

By Stephanie Queen

  • Available in: ebook, paperback

Book 3 – Scotland Yard Exchange Series

a Romantic Comedy Suspense

“Stephanie Queen has a wonderful touch that carries her books to a whole new place. The characters touched my heart and kept me chuckling.” –Jeanie Jackson – Goodreads

Big bad bodyguard Joseph Allario keeps his biggest fear a big secret until a so-called cupcake assignment takes him to London. His assignment is to play undercover babysitter to Lady Veronica Douglas. Ronnie made a deathbed promise to her mother to redeem her father’s reputation. Scotland Yard’s official records show he died of an accidental overdose. She promised to prove her father was murdered.  Joe thinks she’s right–but that means her father’s killer needs to stop her from exposing the murder.
Before long Joe finds himself falling for Ronnie as he tries to stop the killer before the killer stops her. Even if it means facing the one thing he fears most…

Available on: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Smashwords

The Hot Shots

By Stephanie Queen

Book 2 – Scotland Yard Exchange Series

Romantic Comedy Suspense
“fast-paced, funny & packed with adventure” —Romantic Times Book Review

The Snap on the Story:
Would you jump off the USS Constitution into Boston Harbor with a perfect stranger? You would if that stranger was hot shot Scotland Yard detective Chauncey Miller, the usual tall-dark-handsome type, especially since he has an assassin with a score to settle who just caught up with him…
Decorator Sophia Alano’s career gets side-tracked from the moment she meets hot shot Chauncey. He’s on the run from a madman terrorist out for revenge when Sophia ends up targeted too. Now he must protect this spitfire while they’re hunted wherever they go. They escape to London to outwit the madman. But once Chauncey catches their would-be killer, how do they go back to the lives they had before?

Available at:  AMAZON  |  B&N  |  iBooks  |  KOBO

The Throwbacks

By Stephanie Queen

Scotland Yard Exchange Series – Book One

Old-fashioned May-December Romantic Comedy Suspense

Romantic Times Book Review – 4 1/2 Stars

“Resplendent in rich detail, laugh-out-loud moments, a fast-paced plot and spellbinding characters, The Throwbacks is a stellar not-to-be-missed standout!” Diane Morasco

She’s a vivacious, light-hearted young beauty from Beacon Hill
He’s a world-weary not-so-young exile from Scotland Yard.
She’s an orphaned decorator who longs for a family of her own.
He’s a rogue detective with a superhero complex.
She’s smitten with this superhero who is the last man she sees in the picket-fence picture of her future.
He’s smitten with this fluffy young romantic who he sees as kryptonite to his career and well being.
But if you saw Grace and David in a room full of people, and you had to pick one man and one woman who belonged together, you would pick them. They would be The Throwbacks.

Vivacious young decorator Grace Rogers sets her sights for that picket-fence life she longs for with the unlikely world-weary British exile, the not-so-young David Young. The ex-Scotland Yard detective joins the Boston Police Department to salvage his career. He hires Grace to decorate his Beacon Hill townhouse to salvage his life.
But this rogue detective’s plans for a new beginning are threatened when he can’t resist the seemingly unseemly romance with his too-young bombshell decorator. Grace turns out to be a key witness in his high-stakes kidnapping case–and like Kryptonite to his career and his well-being with her romantic notions of family life.

David put his life on the line to save her from the kidnappers, but now is Grace willing to put her dreams on the line to save her real-life superhero from himself?

Available on: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Smashwords | KOBO

Between a Rock and a Mad Woman

By Stephanie Queen

Prequel to the Scotland Yard Exchange Series

Madeline Grace was alwlays expected to do great things, but she discovers the price of destiny means running for governor–against a man who was once her lover.
In this world of politics, romance wins over cynicism and the good guys finish first. Not since JFK, has a political candidate used his wit and charm to such an advantage as Peter “the Rock”. On the other hand, there hasn’t been a woman so admired as a crusader against corrupt power since Joan of Arc… until “Mad” Madeline. Madeline is running for Governor of Massachusetts against Peter. Madeline and Peter were once in love—before she broke his heart.

In the midst of the campaign battle they reignite their volatile relationship, but on warring sides of the ticket, they can’t afford for the media to find out too. As they fight each other for office they find they have an enemy in common. When their enemy drives up the stakes, Peter must decide if he’ll risk his career and fight with Madeline to overcome the political crisis. Madeline has to decide if she trusts Peter—and whether she still loves him.

“I was riveted! The twists, turns, surprises & the love story that resulted were outstanding and I can’t wait to read more…” – Alyssa from HesperiaLovesBooks

Available on: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Smashwords | KOBO
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