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Playing Series

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Playing for Keeps

an Enemies to Lovers Sports Romance

Playing Series


I’m a simple guy. I love football. I hate sports reporters.
No matter how luscious they are.


Chloe Smith is dangerous. I know this the minute she stalks me into the training room for a story.
She’s too ambitious to be trusted and too beautiful to be ignored.

Tate Fontanna is ridiculous, playing hurt as if he’s irreplaceable. Another one-track minded jock.
But he’s too decent to be dismissed and too hunky not to want. Badly.

Bad press is the last thing I need in a contract year and I need to avoid it at all cost.

But avoiding Chloe is a lot harder than it should be.

When the sh*t hits the fan, can I trust her?
Or will she betray me?

Playing for Keeps is a full length stand-alone New Adult football romance set in the world of the Boston Militia football team. If you love sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance with all the feels right up to the satisfying happy ending, you’ll love this story!


(Contains sex and language for mature audiences.)

Playing with the Bridesmaid

a Single Dad Sports Romance

INatalie is young, bold and a little naughty.
Max is a wise NFL veteran winding down his career.
Everyone tells them it won't work. And maybe it’s true—But they don't care because they’re also totally combustible together.
But he has baggage, like adorable twin girls, a complicated ex and a big dark secret.
And she has even more baggage, like a problem stepmother, a penchant for too-high heels and a vulnerable heart.
All that inappropriate chemistry keeps them together, but will it destroy them or make them whole?

What Readers Are Saying:
"a whole lot of fun... Natalie was a hoot and I adored her!"--WindRider, Irresistible Weddings Box Set
"another story that grabbed my heart"--GlendaLeona, Irresistible Weddings Box Set
" a fun, hot and sexy read"--Jennadb, Irresistible Weddings Box Set

Playing With the Bridesmaid is a full length stand-alone New Adult football romance set in the world of the Boston Militia football team. If you love sizzling older man-younger woman romance with all the feels right up to the satisfying happy ending, you'll love this story! (Contains sex and language for mature audiences.)

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Playing for Love

a Second Chance Sports Romance

Superstar NFL quarterback Gabriel Wyatt loves football more than anything. Until he falls for that woman he let go back in college--his girlfriend’s best friend.

My girlfriend hates football and hates Boston even more. She moved to Atlanta and is staying there, expecting me to change teams.
But that's only half the problem. Her best friend just moved to Boston and i'm supposed to show her around while she keeps an eye on me. Mia.
That girl from college I couldn't have, didn't want to start anything with because I knew whatever we had would derail me. Would have compromised my football career.

So what? I had a crush four years ago. I'll show her around. No problem. I could handle it.
Except now I'm falling for my girlfriend's best friend. Hard.

What readers are saying:
"As an aficionado of romance novels and sports, I loved this novel; hating to see it end."--Amazon Reviewer

"I enjoyed reading this book! It was beautifully written. It was an emotional love story full of twists and turns. I fell in love with the characters. I laughed, I cried, it moved me."--Amazon Reviewer

Playing for Love is a sexy new adult sports romance in the Playing series. It can be read as a stand-alone set in the world of the Boston Militia football team. If you love second chance romance and mouth-watering heroes, this story is for you. Happy, satisfying ending guaranteed. (Contains sex and language for a mature audience)

Playing for Money

a Bad Boy Sports Romance

What NFL bad boy Hunter Quintanna desperately needs is the money. What he wants with everything holy in him, is the coach's daughter. Of course, she's off limits. Way off.

I seriously need to hang on to my new contract with the Boston Militia so I can support my mom and siblings. After getting kicked off my last team for punching a coach, this is pretty much my last chance. I literally can’t afford to blow it.

But when I meet my new coach’s sexy daughter, and she's interested. I struggle to keep my million-dollar hands to myself--in spite of coach's very explicit warning…

Now that I'm finally a part of my father’s world, I'm determined to make him proud. And I'm sure the franchise’s hunky new player isn’t the locker-room problem the media portrays.
But after I beg my dad to be his handler and I find out his story, it's impossible to fighti the urge to give him my heart.

Knowing Cat is absolutely out of bounds, Hunter fears he’ll ruin his future if he lets his passion run hot. And as Cat grows closer to the NFL's troubled star, the more danger he poses to her good standing with the team—and her father.

Can Hunter & Cat keep their relationship professional, or will their sizzling connection win the battle?

Playing for the Money is a steamy new adult sports romance in the Playing series. If you like hot jocks, sizzling chemistry, and forbidden desire, then you’ll adore Stephanie Queen’s tempting tale. (Contains sex and language for a mature audience.

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Playing Until the End

a Fake Fiancee Sports Romance

Opposites attract, right? Not even close... In the case of Charline & Trent, opposites explode with combustible chemistry and danger.

Charline is a serious research doctor running a drug trial for a miracle serum. The serum could heal her crippled mother, but she desperately needs funding.

Trent Lockheed is a superstar NFL quarterback. Football is his life. He needs to hang onto his career to win one more Super Bowl, but his injured shoulder could end everything. He desperately needs a miracle cure. 

They make an unholy bargain when Trent gives Charline money to fund her drug trial and she allows him to participate and get the miracle serum. But it all has to remain a poisonous secret between them.

To get what they want, they both need to break cardinal rules of their professions. They make the dark bargain knowing that if the secret between them was ever exposed, it could destroy them.

But how do they trust each other as complete strangers in spite of their scorching attraction? Or will that uncontrollable attraction be their real undoing?

What readers are saying about the Playing series:
"I enjoyed every page from the start to the end. I will keep this story in my heart and pray that Stephanie Queen writes more of these HOT SIZZLING SCORCHING novels. The plot was exciting and characters were absolutely delicious. I read it in on setting as I was unable to put it down. I will absolutely read more of hers."--Amazon Reviewer

"OMG! This book is absolutely fantastic! It touches on so many areas...  woven all through, is the love of family which weaves around all of the people in the book. No, this isn’t a stuffy, boring book. It is masterfully written and draws you in from the very beginning and doesn’t let you put it down until you reach the end! You will not regret it!"--Amazon Reviewer

Playing Until the End is over 400 pages of captivating, sizzling romance between two mesmerizing and complicated characters with an HEA. Mature content.

Playing the Game

an Enemies to Lovers Sports Romance

International Digital Award Winner for Best Contemporary Romance Novel

When Roxanne Monet’s ex-husband is found dead, under a cloud of suspicion, she loses everything.
Her money.
Her job.
And her reputation.
Now all she has left is her cause--children's medical research
Desperate, she enlists the help of superstar athlete Brian Dennis before she loses that too.
From the start, there’s more than a good cause between them.
They play the game of seduction, losing themselves in their obsessive attraction.
They use each other to escape the stress of Roxanne’s impending bankruptcy, the sinking basketball season, and the media spotlight.
But can Roxanne count on Brian to be on her team when she's arrested for murdering her ex-husband?

4.5 Star Review--Romantic Times Book Review - Playing the Game
"Reading Queen is an absolutely scrumptious experience. Readers will fall in love, get heated, laugh and have an energizing adventure. The story has sublime settings, smooth writing that melds into a well-developed plot and characters who come alive like Pop Rocks and carbonated beverages."

Playing the Game is a sizzling stand-alone sports romance in the Playing Series. If you love no-holds-barred flirting, stories of tremendous loss and and satisfying HEA redemption, then you'll enjoy this one! Contains sex and language for a mature audience.)

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Playing Santa

an Holiday Sports Romance

IPlaying Santa and rescuing a puppy is one thing. Playing prince charming and rescuing a struggling beauty and her son is a whole other crazy.
Sean Patrick here. I'm a player, and not just for the Boston Militia football team.
I've earned my reputation as a confirmed bachelor and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Until now.

The minute I lay eyes on the jewel-eyed beauty, Ronnie, and her precocious boy, Jimmy, at the animal shelter, my heart is hi-jacked.
Does Ronnie want rescuing? Nothing doing. She's as tough as she is gorgeous.
I need to somehow convince her that I'm not the player I used to be. That once I adopt Dasher from the shelter I'm committed to more than finding random bedmates for random nights of empty fun.
I need to convince her that playing Santa is more than a game...

Playing Santa is a New Adult Sports Romance. This modern day Christmas Cinderella story features a princely football star from the Boston Militia's Playing series and his adorable puppy, Dasher. If you love stories where prince charming sweeps the reluctant Cinderella off her feet in the end, you'll enjoy this story with all the feels and angst right up to the satisfying happy ending! (Contains sex and language for mature audiences.)

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