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And the GIANT SWAG Pack WINNER is…

And the WINNER of the NAME THE VILLAIN Contest is

Win this Swag Pack!

Win this Swag Pack!


The winning Villain’s name in my upcoming novel, The Upstarts (formerly known as The Renegades) is Neville Goody.  Perfect nefarious Britishness!

I want all of the fabulously creative contest entrants to know this was NOT an easy choice and I’ll be sending you all something–it’s a surprise.

I love giving things away–my dream job is really to be Santa Claus–forget about writing! (well, not really. I can’t possibly forget about writing, but maybe I’ll intersperse it with some major giveaways!)

In honor of my Santa Claus penchant, if you sign up to be on my  Queen Street Team, I’ll send out a surprise SWAG gift to the first 50!


Sign up by sending an email to with Queen Street Team in the subject line.

Look for more info on the Queen Street Team in my next blog. Myren, my Chauffeur, has already signed up, so you’ll have to put up…I mean, work with him. (He likes anything to do with the street apparently–it’s a chauffeur thing).

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