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AMAZON Prime Day Coming!

If you love a bargain, then you'll LOVE AMAZON Prime Day!

But wait--you HAVE to be a Prime member to get the deals. If you're a student, then this is your lucky day because there's a deal on Prime membership so you can get even more deals!

The benefits? Glad you asked! There's a passel of them!

  • FREE DELIVERY! - this is my favorite and most used benefit. This alone is worth more than the cost of the full price of Amazon Prime. But with the student 6 months free, it's a doozie!

  • STREAMING - Watch TV shows, movies, get ad-free music and get FREE GAMES! Also, little known fact, you get a free monthly Twitch sub!

  • RENT TEXT BOOKS and save up to 90%!

  • PRIME DAY DEALS! So, so many deals and you get to take advantage of them all!

And the biggest every day advantage of AMAZON PRIME, near and dear to my heart is FREE BOOKS from among a huge selection of every variety each month.

So if you want to do some summer fun-in-the-sun reading, this is the ticket!

Calling all college students!

You don't want to miss this opportunity to save big.

Join to Take Advantage of Amazon Prime Day


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