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Novels here and novels there – novels, novels everywhere!

Four books to be exact–that’s now many I’ll be releasing in the next month! They don’t call me Queen for nothing. (actually ‘they’ don’t call me queen, and if they did, I’m not sure why they would–but you get what I mean–right?).  They are Malice, Mischief & Mayhem, a romantic suspense boxed set featuring seven authors including me, The Romantics, book 3 of the Scotland Yard exchange program romantic comedy mystery series, Small Town Glamour Girl and Christmas on Main Street, a boxed set of Christmas stories with eleven authors including me.

You saw the cover for the soon to be released The Romantics, and now I’m sharing the DRAFT cover for Small Town Glamour Girl. This upcoming release is a  contemporary romance. This is a new and different kind of story for me in the tradition of well, small town, homey, sweet romances. No castles in sight. London is mentioned, but the story doesn’t go there. It takes place during the Christmas season, one of my favorite times of year (after halloween because of all the candy). What does the cover say to you?

Myren, my chauffeur, likes the cover and is wondering how I got Audrey Hepburn to pose for it. (Luckily he’s good with cars). It took me three hours to explain the wonders of digital design and then I gave him the phone number of my cover designer. He’s been on the phone with her for a while now. I lost track. (Myren is techno challenged. But sshh! He’s very sensitive under the gruff, mysterious exterior.)

Let me know what you think of the cover. Did you recognize Audrey? Hope so–Myren can’t be the only one.

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