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Cover Reveal (by Myren): Beachcomber Test

Myren here. I’m more than merely a chauffeur (although I look out-of-sight in the hat). I have experiences. I have opinions. I might even have an occasional feeling. If a so-called Queen were smart, she would listen to me (if she were brilliant, she would hang on every word). I’m what some (people who know) might call a cool cat. Here’s my opinion. Beachcomber Test. It’s a book. The cover. It’s a crazy cover. It’s wild. It’s around the bend. You heard it from Myren, the cool cat chauffeur. (Don’t tell Kitty, the actual cat, about the cool cat thing.)

About the book. I have no clue.  But I know you’re going to need some clues because there’s a dead body. There’s always someone dead. Maybe someone missing. Always some such crazy happening in Beachcomber Investigations-land. Know what I mean?


(Don’t tell her–the Queen–that I think the books are wild. As in fun-tastik. Cool. Out-of-sight. That’s the word. Quiet-like.)

Peace- out.

Myren. Chauffeur.

P.S. – Beachcomber Test can be pre-ordered now

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