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From the depths of Amazon’s deepening pile of books

Pile of books

Why? Just for the heck of it.

Once I dig up these relics you get to decide:

Buried Book Treasure? Or  Better Left Buried?

What romance novella is ranked at #1,222,942 Paid in Kindle Store?

Clisson and Eugenie by Napoleon Bonaparte. According to the description on Amazon: The tragic story  reveals one of history’s great leaders to also be an accomplished writer of fiction.Written in an eloquently Romantic style true to its period, the story offers the reader a fascinating insight into how the young Napoleon viewed

love, women and military life.

Frankly, I’m not surprised that it’s not a best seller.

This one is better left buried.

What romance novel is ranked #1,162,460 in the Paid Kindle Store?

Kiss Me Twice by Alexa Darin. Poor Bailey Venture is about to get married when her fiancee comes


I have no idea why this book, just published in August of 2015 has already been buried.

This one is a buried book treasure.

Have you found any obscure books lately to recommend for reading or to toss back in the pile? Let us know!

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