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Romance Tropes Uncovered

Romance Tropes Uncovered

If I wasn’t writing romance novels, I’d have no idea what a trope was, never mind what the romance tropes are! 🧡

What the heck is a trope? It’s a familiar premise or component to the romance genre in this case, that is popular and central to the appeal of the novel.

My favorites: Fake Engagements and Marriages of Convenience.

Why? I love the pretense! Trying to pretend you don’t feel what you feel while playing the role that says you do is a delicious emotional irony that I can’t put down. It’s why I love regencies so much.

Why does the delicious irony of pretense speak to me so?  That answer would probably require a PhD in Psychology to decipher, but who cares at this stage–I’ll run with it!

What’s Your Favorite Trope?

Here’s a list of possibilities. If you have one not listed, please feel free to add it in!

Secret Baby.                   Bad Boy Redeemed.    Forbidden Love

Bad Girl Redeemed.      Alpha Hero Comes to the Rescue

Fake Fiancee.         Marriage of Convenience.         Fish Out of Water.    

Opposites Attract.          Rich Boy, Poor Girl.    

May-December Romance (older guy/young lady)

My current work in progress, Playing for the Money is a prime example of the Forbidden Love Trope. It also combines the Bad Boy redeemed Trope. How can you go wrong with that combo? Here’s the tag line:

What he needs is the money. What he wants is the coach’s daughter.

Playing for the Money will be released on February 15th. If you love sizzling sports romance, this one is for you!

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