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The Best Smiles of the Football Season

Whatever you enjoy about football, good for you! Go ahead and enjoy it.

Here are the top 5 things I’m enjoying about this year’s football season:

1. I love Tony Romo as a TV game announcer. Bouncing back after his early retirement from QB of the Dallas Cowboys, he’s done very well. He’s smart, easy going and he has a very cute dimple when he smiles. Which is often.

2. Carlton Wentz. He’s having a smashing season in only his second year in the league, quarterbacking for the Philadelphia Eagles. They’re already talking MVP. It’s fun to watch an emerging star who’s easy on the eyes. Plenty of reasons for lots of great smiles on this young man’s confident face.

3. No one has a better smile than Tom Brady. He is the GOAT when it comes to adorable. The man loves his mother and has a dimple in his chin!

5. Dak Prescott. He’s a very serious customer as QB for Dallas with a conservative smile. But he makes up for its scarcity by bringing countless smiles to the faces of his legions of fans.

Honorable Mention – to all those professional cheerleaders who smile endlessly on the sidelines (whether they have reason to or not)!

Go Football! Yay Team!

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