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What do you want? A seductive sports romance or a romantic thriller family saga? by Stephanie Queen

I’m a writer living inside my head half the time, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in what readers think. I’ll prove it!

Right now I’m on the cusp of deciding which of two story projects I should start next. And they couldn’t be more different. But take a look for yourself and see what you think:


This is book two in my Playing series of seductive sports romances, and like most of my stories it takes place in Boston. This one features an aging football quarterback with a storied career and a colorful life–think modern day Joe Namath only in Boston and minus the (reputation for) drinking. (I apologize if that was terribly un-PC of me, but hey. It is what it is.) Meanwhile, the heroine is a research doctor working on clinical drug trials for treating chronic deterioration diseases–something that could be called the fountain of youth drug if you were a marketing guy. A match made in heaven or hell?

Either way, this story is sensual and gritty and intense (and has lots of snappy dialogue) (I really like snappy smart dialogue, so hopefully it’ll turn out that way–I’m told it’s something I’m known for. Hey, it is what it is.)

Project B:  The Boston Nobles: Crazy Little Rich Girl, Installment 1, Book 1 of the Noble & Chase series

This is a brand new series that I’m starting out in serialized installments a week or two apart for the first six installments. It’s about the Noble family of Boston, rich and powerful and historically legendary. The main character is the daughter of Senator Noble and the unconventional rebellious life she chooses as a result of her feud and love-hate relationship with her father. That’s the family saga part.

The romantic thriller part is about her partnership with an ex-FBI guy and their work as insurance investigators on high end cases for Lloyds. The cases always seem to get them in life threatening danger and always affect her family–either she stops her father from doing something she doesn’t like–her life’s mission is to keep him honest–or she needs to ask her father to help her and her partner out of a predicament.

This is a series that I’ll be living with and writing about for a very long time. The family saga and thriller episodes will go on as long as I can write and as long as readers read them (or maybe readers don’t even have to read them. As long as my family and friends read them…)

As a reader, what kind of stories excite you? Do you get involved in series books with the same characters in one predicament after another?

Or do you love that singular experience of a new intense relationship as it develops and tumbles wildly until it crescendos?

Weigh in!

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