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Writing a Series: Beachcomber Investigations Behind the Scenes

A while back, a friend of mine called and asked me if I wanted to contribute a book to a boxed set she was putting together. I said, “Sure. What kind of book do you need?”

She said, “Think beach romance.”

I said, “Can it have suspense in it?”

She said, “Sure, murder and sex on a beach works.”

That’s what my inspiration was for writing the romantic suspense novel, The Beachcombers.

Now you ask, “I thought this was about writing a series?”

It is.

What happened next was that I fell in love with my characters. When I got to the end of The Beachcombers, I couldn’t say good-bye to Dane & Shana. So instead, I didn’t let them have the ever-after part of their happy ending. I left a relationship hook.

They were happy and outraged with each other at the same time, full of the potential and promise of bliss and spitfire.

The Series

Dane & Shana are a pair of romantic relationship-challenged investigators with muddy pasts. The beach in The Beachcombers is anywhere on Martha’s Vineyard, but the ‘beachcomber’ reference is more about a state-of-mind than anything else. For Dane, it’s an attempt to escape from the hellish missions of his special ops career. He’s not 100% successful at escaping from life’s dark side or the danger.

For Shana it’s about trying to escape the shadow of her cop father and prove herself to him at the same time. Problem is her father is dead.

Dane and Shana are too much alike to get along and too mesmerized by each other to stay apart.

I had to stay with them and now I write one book after another to see how it turns out. Each book can be read on it’s own, but there is a character arc that threads the stories together so they’re best read in order.

I probably should have written them in order, but that’s a story for another day.


New Release:


While Dane and Shana are hired to protect a bride from a Russian arms dealer, will the idea of wedding bells inspire romance between the private-eye partners or will the notion of love and marriage scare them more than the threat of a bomb at the church?



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