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Binge Readers: The COMPLETE Beachcomber Investigations Series in ONE Set!

NOW available!

Great news for binge readers who love sexy romantic thrillers and don’t want to hunt for the next book–it’s here. I wished I had a complete set for all my favorite series, so of course I created one for you of my Beachcomber Investigations steamy romantic thriller series.

The set includes three bonus novellas and a special link to the BONUS SERIES EPILOGUE.

What’s it all about? You ask. It’s all about Dane &

Think of Magnum PI on Martha’s Vineyard only cooler, with a modern edge and a never ending roller-coaster ride of a romance between the partners, Dane & Shana. They always have problems to solve, the romance kind and the danger kind. And you know it will always have a very satisfying ending.

Available now at


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