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Binge Readers: The COMPLETE Beachcomber Investigations Series in ONE Set!

Beachcomber Investigations Complete Series box set is

NOW available!

Great news for binge readers who love sexy romantic thrillers and don’t want to hunt for the next book–it’s here. I wished I had a complete set for all my favorite series, so of course I created one for you of my Beachcomber Investigations steamy romantic thriller series.

The set includes three bonus novellas and a special link to the BONUS SERIES EPILOGUE.

What’s it all about? You ask. It’s all about Dane &

Shana, the power couple who partner up in Beachcomber Investigations on Martha’s Vineyard and specialize in danger. They help out the governor of Massachusetts on occasion and fight off their enemies when they’re not busy either fighting or lighting up the bedroom with sexy fireworks.

Think of Magnum PI on Martha’s Vineyard only cooler, with a modern edge and a never ending roller-coaster ride of a romance between the partners, Dane & Shana. They always have problems to solve, the romance kind and the danger kind. And you know it will always have a very satisfying ending.

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