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Cover Reveal: Beachcomber Reckoning – Book 6

Introducing the riveting story that Dane Blaise and Beachcomber Investigations fans are dreading–and anticipating. Beachcomber Reckoning. This one was hard to write and compelling at the same time. The story takes a hard, halting turn in the saga of Dane and Shana, but it does NOT end their story. Not by a long shot.

If you’ve never read one of the Beachcomber Investigations books, you can start with this one. But you’ll find yourself wanting to go back to the beginning.  And by the time you’re finished with book 1,  you’ll need to see the series through from the start.

The Beachcomber Investigations series features special ops legend Dane Blaise from the moment he meets Scotland Yard detective Shana George. Their association starts with a bang in The Beachcombers and alternates from sizzling to volcanic to cold-as-the-tundra while the duo partner as PIs. They live and work on the summer vacation island of Martha’s Vineyard.

The companion serial, Dane Blaise: Flashback, takes a look into Dane’s past, taking place during his teen years and the forming of the foundation for his legendary career. You can read this serial, episodes 1 through 6 for FREE by subscribing to the SQ Newsletter. Episodes 2-6 are currently unavailable to non-subscribers, but the the complete story, episodes 1 through 6 are coming soon.

Here’s the short on Beachcomber Reckoning:

Special ops legend Dane Blaise made a lot of enemies in his violent career, but none more dangerous than his first; the enemy he made before he’d been a legend, the one he made at the age of sixteen.

Local juvenile delinquent, Dagmar Hunt had the bad luck of running into Dane at the wrong time and wrong place. Dane knew he couldn’t let Dag get away with what he’d done. Dane was only a kid, but he’d been determined to make Dag pay. He went after Dag and succeeded in getting the notorious badass thrown in jail for rape. 

Dag never forgot the debt owed Dane and over the years. While he was in and out of acheter viagra jail, he’d held his grudge.  As he gained power and notoriety, Dag made the ultimate threat. He would get his retribution–and there was no doubt he intended to carry it through.

Dane’s past is finally about to catch up with him. Now he needs to protect the ones he loves most from paying the price.

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