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Follow the Bouncing Scale: Dieting with SQ


DISCLAIMER: This is not my actual weight. If it was, we wouldn’t be here talking about dieting, would we?

Checking in on Day 11 of my darling diet. If you recall from last week, I promised a Weigh-In on my magic scale of dreams on my official professionally rated scale. After drinking shakes with collagen protein, eating grapefruits and restricting all eating to a seven hour period–these are just a few of the many horrors treats I’ve experienced in the last 10 days of dieting–I’m ready. It was all in preparation for today.

The Weigh-In

I’m surprised happy to say that the dieting wasn’t all for nothing. I weighed in this morning and found that in the past ten days of dieting I lost–drum roll (accompanied by Myren, my chauffeur, rolling his eyes)–

4.5 lbs Gone!

That’s fantastic news for me since it’s been several blissfully unaware years of eating whatever I want a while since I lost a single ounce.

I’m also keeping track of my waistline. My waist measurement went down one inch after ten days. But I can feel it and see it, so even though it’s a tiny number, I’m encouraged. (I just smacked Myren to make him stop snickering.)

The Scale of Progress

I’m so encouraged about my progress that I’m going to continue the extreme slim down phase of this diet for three more days. (I would go longer, but I’m going on a girl’s weekend to a lake house and I know a losing battle when I see one.) (Myren says that can’t be true or I wouldn’t have bothered with all the protein shakes and diet books in the first place and I said he ought to look in the mirror–which makes no sense because the stinker is thin as a rail and eats like a teen age boy though he hasn’t been a teenager in at least forty years. Must be my diet muddling with my quick wit.)

Don’t worry, I saved all my good sense and wit for my writing chair (the chair for which I blame my

weight problem). I’ve been hard at work writing ACE UNDER FIRE for an upcoming spectacular box set, LOVE UNDER FIRE with 20 other outstanding authors of romantic suspense. PLUS a portion of the proceeds to go a GREAT cause: Pets for Vets!

I’ll check in again on Monday, July 16th to see how far off the rails I went how much more progress I’ve made. And continue with my dieting saga, eating restrictions, scale and tape-measuring.

Also look for a slim-down recipe on Monday that doesn’t taste too bad tastes great!

(BTW, if you have any dieting tips, please, please tell me!)

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