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Playlist for Writing (and reading) BIG MAN ON CAMPUS

Playlist for Writing (and reading) BIG MAN ON CAMPUS

Writing Big Man on Campus, an enemies to lovers college romance, was an emotion packed journey for me. Although I’ve never done it before, I found music, certain songs that resonated, that really put me there, in the moment, feeling everything the characters felt as I wrote. I was truly inspired and my writing was enhanced by listening to some kick-a$$ songs.

Both the lyrics and the sounds of these songs vibrate in my soul against the backdrop of the story of Jack and Joni.

To really sink into the emotions and let them have their way with you, to make you feel like you are living in the characters’ skins, I highly recommend you listen to these songs while you read– before and after too!

Big Man on Campus is an angsty and steamy story about a troubled boy becoming a man and a young woman finding her stride as they negotiate life at St. Paul University and pull away from their family and homes to banish their demons and establish new lives.

The Big Man on Campus Playlist:



My life looks great from the outside, but on the inside, I’m on edge, teetering on disaster, trying to hold it together for my senior year long enough to realize my dream, achieve my goal of winning the Heisman Trophy.

What’s the problem? Me. I’m the problem. I’m an imposter, not the big man everyone thinks I am.

And Joni, the lifelong bane of my existence, knows my secrets, who I really am.

I desperately need money, enough to keep my mother afloat since she can’t seem to do it herself. I need to get the money by any means.

Without getting caught.

Without losing everything, including Joni.

WARNING: Contains sex and language for a mature audience.

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