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Romance Trope-a-Palooza Contest

How many tropes can there possibly be? I read one article that listed 145 romance tropes from abducted by the hero to ugly duckling becomes a swan and in spite of over a hundred in between, the list didn't even include the grumpy/sunshine trope that's popular in rom-coms these days.
Then there was the Me, My Trope & I post in Tote Bagsn' Blogs that talked about only 11 tropes.

The truth? There seem to be as many tropes in the romance genre as our imaginations as writers and readers can create. Unlimited? Maybe.

Confusing? Quite possibly.
Since I have my favorites, I'm betting you do too. And I also have a few that go very well together, like in The Puck Bunny, I combined hockey with rom-com with office romance with slow burn with celebrity loves commoner with clueless love with disguise with older man-younger woman.
Whew! Maybe I missed some, but you get the point.

Combining tropes is fun and intriguing and leads to endless variations and plots twists that keep us reading what's familiar, but not exactly.

My favorites:

  1. Fake engagement/marriage

  2. Second Chance

  3. Single Dad

  4. Enemies to Lovers

  5. Forbidden Love

Now you tell me your TOP FIVE favorite tropes, no matter how crazy, new or old they are!.

You could WIN A PRIZE! I'll pick 2 lucky winners!


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