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Ready-Set-Action! The Melissa Affair Book Trailer

When you need a little more than a blurb to get a feel for a story, that’s when you need a book trailer.

How many times have you read a blurb and drew a blank, just could’t get a picture in your head of what the book is about? There’s nothing like words combined with pictures, music and action to make a story come to life. A good book trailer can grab you by the collar and drag you inside. It will entertain you and at the very least, get your attention.

Most of all, a good trailer will communicate the tone and essence of the story. This will almost always tell you “Yes, I’ll love this book” or “No, this book isn’t for me”.  And that is worth gold in this day and age of seemingly a billion books published every minute by seemingly a million different authors.

On that note, I want to share with you my book trailer for The Melissa Affair. It’s a story about… Well, why don’t I just let the video do the explaining.

Please let me know what you think of the book trailer and whether you feel like you got the essence of the story in the comments below or on YouTube.

By the way, The Melissa Affair is available to read now on Amazon and is free in Kindle Unlimited.

Of course, there are plenty more book trailers to view on my YouTube channel. I’m making them for every one of my books and for some other excellent authors’ books as well. To find out about the latest, you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Until the next book … trailer!

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