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SQ’s Name That Character Contest WINNER!

The MISSING SANTA now has a name!

But before I reveal the winning name and the winner, I must thank all the contestants for their outstanding and inventive entries! Well done all! I’m getting addicted to this tradition of having you help me name a character (sometimes two!).

I’m committed to running the contest for each and every book I write. Remember the prize is more than an Amazon Gift Card. Winning also includes acknowledgment in the front of the book and I include your character name in the story! So look for the next SQ Name That Character Contest to go with the next book coming soon. For now:


L. Lam


Rusty Gates


Look out for Beachcomber Santa and the missing Rusty Gates – available for pre-order now and to be released on December 12th in time for Jingle Bell time.

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