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The Beachcombers First Few Lines: Are You Hooked?

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Every writer knows you need to hook a reader with the first few lines–the very first line if possible–if you want them to keep reading.

It’s the hardest EVER thing to do. At least for me. So THIS is a challenge!  Here’s my BOOK HOOK for The Beachcombers:

So far Shana’s first undercover assignment held about as much promise as her first attempt to capture a rabid kangaroo on the loose.

She had not expected, after flying all the way from Sydney to London—Goddamn London—in a state of heart-stopping excitement about her brand new post, that she would be ordered that same day to leave and fly to Boston. Goddamn Boston. Then adding to her travel torture, she’d raced across Logan Airport to board a shuttle plane to fly her to the tiny island of Martha’s Vineyard. All for the purpose of ending up on another beach, with another surfboard, about to prance around in yet another bikini. Fifty-six excruciating hours and over two thousand witless miles later.

What do you think?

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