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The Created Purpose: A Party Place for Authors, Artists & Crafters

I happened to be driving through Rhode Island, heading home from Newport (Myren wants me to clarify that we do not have a mansion there), and I said, “Why not stop in at the Created Purpose in Tiverton? How far could it be–we’re in Rhode Island after all, the mini-state.”

So I did. We had a ball with the owners Kym Fullen Amaral and her daughter Krystal Amaral. This shop is so friendly to all artists of all mediums that they throw parties for them on a regular basis.

I had a quick chat with Krystal about their next Artsy Bash here:

Krystal Amaral talks with USA Today Bestselling Author Stephanie Queen at her shop, Created Purpose on June 1st.

I’ll be at the next beach party signing copies of books from my Beachcomber Investigations series.

I hope to see you there, if you’re driving through Rhode Island…

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