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THE ROMANTICS Book Cover and Quips on Other Progress


We’re calling this color “FIRE”.  See how it glows?

Thank you to all those who chimed in on the cover choice!  The winner of the surprise is one of my long-time fans and a wonderful woman, Marty. A free copy of the ebook will be yours as soon as THE ROMANTICS is released, Marty!

Speaking of the release–the update on the progress can be summed up in one word:


It’s like going to war with my manuscript and it’s too soon to say who’s winning for sure–but there’s a lot of blood and guts spewing about (too graphic?) and so the results will be fabulous.  (We authors have a very unique measure of success. It’s all blood and guts related, mostly ours.)  And keep in mind, this is  a light-hearted adventurous story. Imagine if I wrote something with angst?

Oh, yes – I can imagine that. The book is called PLAYING THE GAME and it won an award–(I told you we measure success by the amount of blood and guts is involved- the more angst, the more…well you get the picture). It’s a very edgy book and I bring it up here because I’ve started the next book in the PLAYING Series which promises more edge than a schick–or bic–or even a gilette. What the heck–more edge than a guillotine! (might as well get on with the melodrama angst now).  

So if you are observant, you might be saying to yourself, “Wait a minute, I thought she was trying to finish THE ROMANTICS and here she is talking about starting another book–what’s up with that?”  I’m glad yo asked. Of course, I don’t have an answer. It’s the way I work. I can’t finish a book unless I have another one started. I think it’s a rare syndrome affecting some writers called fear-of-having-no-story-to-write-phobia.  That’s what Myren tells me. He’s my chauffeur, but he stayed at a Holiday Inn took an adult-ed abnormal psychology class once.

But as we all know, I’m perfectly normal quirky.  I’m a novelist.  (is that an oxymoron?)

In the meantime, look for THE ROMANTICS in the near-to-mid-future…  Here’s an excerpt (to prove I’m not lying about the existence of this work-in-progress):

A tidbit from somewhere in Chapter One…

“Afraid I have other plans for our erstwhile bachelor Joe,” said his boss, Peter John Douglas–aka the Governor of Massachusetts.

“He doesn’t even get a midnight kiss?” Grace sounded disappointed on his behalf.

“No kiss, but he does get a flight to London. And a mission with the royal protective service,” his boss said.

Joe didn’t know if it was the prospect of flying or the prospect of a last-second mission that caused his heart to triple beat, but he stayed cool–on the outside–and returned the steady gaze of the governor.

“Don’t tell me the royals ran out of men to watch out for their assets,” he quipped. He thought he’d carried off his cool, but Peter raised a brow.

“This is a special assignment calling for an outsider to protect a damsel in distress—right up your alley.”

Joe said nothing and refrained from taking a deep breath. He even smiled without clenching his teeth. Joe hated flying. These days he figured if God wanted him to fly, his pockets would be filled with fairy dust and his name would be Peter Pan.

In fact, he’d never planned to fly again–might’ve even vowed not to–once he’d returned from the hell in Africa that had been his last special services assignment. On the other hand, how hellish could this assignment be minding a princess?

“Sounds like quite a career-making opportunity sir,” he said to his boss.  He winked at Grace because she looked dismayed.

His boss ignored his sarcasm as Joe knew he would.

“He can’t stay until midnight?” Madeline implored.

Peter looked at his watch and said, “In twenty-five minutes at precisely ten past midnight, our Joe will be on an army reserve aircraft transport taking off for RAF Northolt Airbase, England.”

“Doesn’t leave much time for packing,” Pixie said.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be perfectly dressed in his Tux and on time for a royal New Years Day reception,” Peter said to the women. He said to Joe, “When you land, you’ll be picked up by a limo and taken to the reception at Buckingham Palace.”


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