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THE ROMANTICS: Progress on my work-in-progress

Progress has been hampered or halted.. or impeded maybe… progress has been stalled out.  Don’t worry. This happens to us authors all the time. We run into dilemmas of all kinds. Take the dilemma of picking a cover. It’s a doozy or big one… well maybe not big–but important or… Well, I could use some help (and not just with word choices).

Do you have a favorite cover of the two here?  I’ll admit the differences aren’t big, but they have a big impact.  I’m partial to the coppery-orange version. Myren likes the royal purple (but he’s a snob). The guy o the left is Joe and the lady is Lady Veronica–Ronnie to her new BFF Joe.  Drop me a line if you have a preference. There could be a surprise in it for you!

SQ_Upstarts Cover
SQ_Upstarts Cover

Aside from buy cialis the cover dilemma – which I’m sure I’ll work out (without the help of my chauffeur Myren–after all, there’s no cars or jaunty caps involved)– progress has picked up with the story and I’ve got Joe and Ronnie in a fix.  Now I need to get them out of the fix (this may be where I call on Myren–there’s not only a car involved, but a helicopter too). I can’t spill any more details than that or the story could be ruined. Plus, I have no more details. I’m afraid I put myself in a fix too.

This is the GREAT AUTHOR *FIX* (although it should really be called the *UN-FIX* or *FIXLESS* or …. oh who cares–I’m stuck is all.) It happens all the time at least once a book.  I’m happily typing along chasing my characters into a corner of impossible escape and there I find myself with them in the corner with no escape.  Geesh.  Now it’s up to me to figure the way out.  So of course, I do what all GREAT AUTHORS do, I abandon my characters for a while and sleep on it. Eventually I get us all out of the FIX (or I get us all FIXED-UP or FIXED-OUT or ….something. We end up escaping.)

I’ll keep you posted on my escape–I won’t tell you what we’re escaping from or how we escape–but I’ll tell you…something or other about how it’s going. When I figure it out.

If you love surprises, besides the ones coming up in my work-in-progress, vote on my cover by sending an email to stephaniequeen at rocketmail dot com and sign up for my newsletter too. I send the newsletter out periodically and you can be one of the lucky ones to win a surprise. (I don’t know what it is yet, that’s why I keep referring to it as a surprise. We’ll all be surprised!)

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