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What I love about NCIS (besides Mark Harmon)

In the fiercely competitive arena of TV dramas, how has NCIS managed to come out a winner so consistently? Why do we love this series so much? What’s made it so compelling?

I have some of my own answers here, but I’d love to hear your theories too (besides Mark Harmon).

What We love about NCIS:

Off the Reservation

Don’t you love how the team goes off the reservation to solve the problem and prevent catastrophe, in spite of the danger? But the writers are brilliant because they take the characters a step further. Gibbs and everyone on the team have broken the rules in spite of the potential for great personal cost even if they succeed. Like the episodes when they’re trying to pin Gibbs with murdering his wife and daughter’s murderer. They work on it when they’re not supposed–stopping the elevator to talk–knowing they could get fired, but knowing that Gibbs needs them.

The team will do anything to save each other and this creates a community much like a family—I love this part too. Abby is like the mother and Gibbs is like the strong silent father.

Eccentric Side-Kick Characters

The cast of eccentric, sometimes clashing characters add more depth, giving the show an element of fun to break up the edge of tension. The non-stereotype characters makes it feel real. Abby, Ducky and Mr. Palmer are perfect fun foils for the dangerous drama.

Chemistry and the possibility of romance

But the number one reason I think we’ve loved this show for years, and watch re-runs now, is the off-the-charts chemistry between Tony & Ziva. They were a couple always on the verge of sizzling romance or murderous competition. The spark of potential explosive passion between them, the fast banter and wit between two very confident, strong characters was the IT factor, added to the rest of the elements, that made NCIS my must see TV for so many.

Now that these two characters have disappeared, I find I watch and enjoy the re-runs more than the current cast. How about you?

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