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What the Bravest Characters Fear Most

Dane and Shana are two of the bravest people I know. And I should know, because I created them. They are the charismatic couple who drive the Beachcomber Investigations romantic thriller series.

So what have they done that qualifies them to be called the bravest?

They rescued kidnap victims, outsmarted gunrunners, foiled sniper plots and even saved the President from assassination. There is no duo more genius at intrigue. They routinely out-maneuver, out fight, out shoot and most importantly, out-think their enemies. With every breath, their every wish, every instinct is to save innocents.

They fear nothing. Or almost nothing. There is one thing they are afraid of. The one thing that terrifies each of them is …….. losing each other.

Find out what Dane does when Shana disappears in Beachcomber Gone...

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