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Yes, you read correctly. Just don’t try to read it out loud.

Autumn from childhood - 1963

Autumn of childhood – 1963

Autumn is my favorite season–or it was until the clocks fell back and now it’s so dark so early. Still, it’s tough to beat that crisp fall air, Halloween, the scent of burning leaves–as long as you don’t live in wild fire country. Then the smell of burning leaves would definitely mean disaster.

For me, I remember the fall of my youth when the neighborhood kids would jump in piles of raked leaves for fun. Until the grouchy man who’d raked said leaves into a pile came after us with his rake. Those were the days.

Back to school, Halloween, piles of leaves, crispy cool air and brilliant night time skies filled with stars. That’s what I remember. That’s what I love.

What do you like best about Autumn?

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