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How to be a Cool Cat: Then and Now

How would I know about cool? you ask. (Or I should say, Myren asked this very thing. Numerous times.)

Let’s say, I’ve had the chance to observe many of the cool-as-in-hip over the years. Sometimes I’ve even acted cool myself.

Why should I care? you ask. Everyone wants to be cool, I say. What planet are you from?

Here are my coolest handy hints!

Top 6 ways to be a Cool Cat:

  1. Don’t use the term Cool Cat unless you travel back in time to the 50s and join a band of beatniks.

  1. Wear a beret. Preferably black.

  2. Never smile.

  3. Always wear sunglasses.

  4. Get some bongo drums.

  5. Wear black. Or black & white stripes.

Now you’re asking “Can I be a Cool Cat in the 21st century without imitating some ancient-times goth-looking characters?”

Sure, I say.

Top 6 Ways to be a 21st Century Cool Cat:

  1. Change out the beret for a baseball cap or knit cap.

  2. Wear very baggy pants or very tight pants.

  3. Get a tattoo or 4 or 5. Large and colorful ones.

  4. Grow a beard if you’re a guy and enhance your hair and nails if you’re a woman.

  1. Join a gym. Muscles are in.

Keep the sunglasses. Shades are forever cool.

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