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The Top 5 Reasons I Start the Holidays Early

I’m on board the holiday train. I’ve been on board since Halloween. I admit it. I love the holidays. I’ve been looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas ever since the first leaf of the fall fell. Luckily Thanksgiving falls early this year so I won’t feel like a holiday misfit for long.

But in my defense, it’s not all about buying presents and eating too much food.

Why do I do it you ask?

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why I Start the Holidays Early:

  1. I own stock in Macy’s. I love to shop! In person at the actual stores. None of that online stuff for me. Give me the hustle and bustle of shoving through crowds in a frenzy of gift buying excitement to grab the last carcass of the year’s RARE species gift. (No, I’m not a hunter—why do you ask?)

  2. The sparkly decorations of silver and gold make me feel like I just sniffed glue dizzy with glee. (What do you mean you think I should see a doctor?)

  3. I love to eat the holiday treats! There are some delectable holiday treats that traditionally only come around once a year in my household. My friend’s special caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels, the spicy buttery crunch of Queen’s Royal Munch Mix … I could go on but my mouth is watering now. My body is programmed to speed up my metabolism this time of year so the calories don’t count burn off quicker. (It could be all the energy of my holiday frenzy burning up those calories.)

  4. Ilove the lights! They mesmerize cheer me up. All the decorative lights brighten up the otherwise dark dull late fall skies. I have holiday lights up around the windows in my living room all year long. After the holidays when I finally had to drag the almost pine needle-free tree outside, I couldn’t bear to take the lights down. So I didn’t. (No, I don’t need to talk to someone about this.)

  5. I love the gatherings of family and friends. Everyone seems to come together at the holidays to catch up and give hugs and enjoy the company of those we love but don’t always see. We also get together and party with the people we see all the time only we drink eggnog and champagne instead of beer and wine.

Seriously, this is the best part for me—and for many of you too. I start early so I can host more gatherings, cook more food and make my home as festive and beautiful as possible to welcome all who join me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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